dry fruits is a pickle a fruit

Bored of the same pickle accompaniments to your meal? Then try this mix dry fruit pickle - A simple delicacy. Five dry fruit sweet and sour pickle. MIX FRUITS PICKLE RECIPE / Vegan Recipes / Indian mixed pickle. I suggested to make Dry Fruit Pickle, mom readily agreed. I asked about Dry Fruit's stock, she smiled and proudly said top notch quality of Dry Fruits this time. dry fruits is a pickle a fruit Take the lemon, dry dates, cashew nuts and almonds in a bowl. Add the ready masala and salt to it. Mix well. Store in a glass jar. Use after 2. Chemical food preservatives are applied to foods as direct additives during these include dehydrated/dried fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, acid pickles. Pickling is the process of preserving or expanding the lifespan of food by either anaerobic Foods that are pickled include meats, fruits, eggs, and vegetables. sufficient moisture, a pickling brine may be produced simply by adding dry salt. jicama turnips, bitter gourd and other fruit and vegetables are also pickled.


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