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Explore Bouquets, Fruit, and more! Simply Strawberry Green Smoothie - Ingredients: 2 cups frozen strawberries 1/2 frozen Super Healthy Vegan Smoothie! Our secret recipe for the best smoothies? Real ingredients with real flavor. No frozen fruit. It's that simple. Keep the chemicals away - this is ETG fresh! Enjoy a healthy fruit smoothie from Bob Roth's New River Groves, located in Davie, FL. fruit bouquets fruit smoothie healthy

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A fruit cleanse is the perfect way to rid your body of harmful toxins. The secret to a healthy body is sitting on your kitchen counter, or maybe even in your garden.

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Mix all the ingredients in a blender on pulse. As always, consult your doctor before any lifestyle changes, diets or cleanses, especially if you have any existing health concerns. Beets cook relatively quickly, so you should leave them in the oven for no more than minutes.

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