fruit dip recipe is coconut a fruit

This recipe makes a lot of coconut cream fruit dip! It's great for parties of any kind and I can guarantee your friends will ask you for the recipe. From Lakeville, Massachusetts, Nancy Tanguay shares this fruit dip that has a fun pineapple and coconut flavor. "I usually serve it with melon slices, strawberries. This healthy dairy-free coconut fruit dip is made with only 3 ingredients! Serve with fresh organic fruit or coconut flour graham crackers.

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It's worth hunting down a can of cream of coconut to make this luscious dessert dip. Cream of Coconut is non-alcoholic though! So if you have the time make this fruit dip in cherimoya fruit pear fruit morning and then leave it in the fridge all day. For sure you can use real whipped cream. View All Images Add a Photo. She made her fruit dip with sour cream, vanilla extract and brown sugar.


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I want to prepare this for a gathering next week and want to get the amounts right. Offcourse I would link to your original recipe. You can either serve it right away or let it sit in the fridge for several hours. Thanks for the advice! Either way a stumbled across a recipe for it and it made me remember how yummy it was and just how much I love it.

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